Ironing Pad¬† ūüôā

here’s my first go around with the ironing pad!¬†¬†¬† I’m pleased with the way it turned out by following the directions from the tutorial.¬† There could be a little clearer directions in some parts , or rather, easier steps, but for the first go around, I’m happy.¬†¬† Oh, it’s about 19 x 19.

I didn’t quilt it up to much, but I can always add some more lines later.¬† I wanted to get through the project to see how I can tweek it for another one.¬† Maybe when we are all done, we can revise the tutorial to make it our own including options that we all think would be interesting.
My thoughts:
1.¬†¬† I wanted to get more creative with the outside fabric, but was afraid that¬†additional quilting or embelishment would make for bumpy ironing.¬† Seeing how it turned out, I think some piecing would be fine on the exterior.¬† (that why I picked this fabric- busy but also my favorite that I’ve been hoarding and saving for a while!)
2.¬†¬† The string length isn’t given, so I cut a safe 41 inches. Too long, but better than too short.¬† The placement of the ribbon/tie on the back center doesn’t feel right.¬† When I make knitting¬†needle wraps, I place the tie on the edge.¬† This way, if the pad is rolled up tighter or looser, it doesn’t make a difference.¬† The “sewed down” part of the ribbon gets in the way when it’s rolled up tighter.
3.¬†¬†¬†The size is encouraged to be square.¬† It¬† really can be any dimension.¬† Obviously not table-sized, but really, it could be.¬† I’ve never used one before.
Hmm, I guess that’s it!
Excited to see all the others!
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