PHXMQG 2023 Block of the Month

Lucky Cuff Quilt

Designed by Dorie Blaisdell for the Modern Quilt Guild
Size: 77” x 91”
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Inspiration & Details

  • Originally designed for the MQG and published December, 2016, Lucky Cuff was reintroduced in January 2020 as part of the MQG Modern Classics collection in celebration of the Guild’s 10th anniversary.
  • Lucky Cuff was inspired by colorwork knitting patterns and Dorie’s childhood love of Lucky Charms cereal! Constructed of 8” blocks, the pattern is beginner friendly with many possibilities for creative interpretation.
  • The BOM quilt will again be constructed row by row but in a slightly different order from the pattern.

2023 BOM Goals

January Choose fabrics & cut
February Make Row 5
March Make Row 4
April Make Row 6
May Make Row 3
June Make Row 7
July Make Row 2
August Make Row 8
September Make Row 1
October Make Row 9
November &
Add borders and quilt!
January 2024 Display completed quilts at our meeting.

Color inspiration & tools

February 2023 BOM

February 2023 BOM Details Goal: Download the pattern here Lucky Cuff Complete Diamond Blocks Row  5 Post your progress on...

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