April 2023 BOM

March 2023 BOM Details

  1. Each of 7 Shoo-Fly blocks requires 4 3” HST’s and 4 3” background squares, and a center 3” focus fabric square. You will also construct 2 partial blocks consisting of 2 HSTs and 1 background square.

  2. If you are using the same fabric for rows 4 & 6 and used the pattern directions for strip piecing row 4, you are done (or almost done)!
    1. Alternately, to construct HST’s 2 at a time, layer one 4” background square with a focusfabric square. Mark the diagonal and stitch ¼” on each side of the marked line. Cut on the marked line, press and trim to 3” sq.

  3. When blocks are complete, sew a 3” x 8” spacer strip to the right side of seven Shoo-Fly blocks and the partial Shoo-Fly block with horizontal points on the left (refer to full pattern pic on page 10)

  4. Sew the blocks together to complete the row, starting and ending with the partial blocks as indicated on the pattern.

Don’t forget to post your progress!

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