When Rachel over at Stitched In Color announced her Blogger’s Pillow Party, I had to join.  Had to.  Why would I miss this?  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make myself a spanky new pillow and join the fun!

Blogger's Pillow Party

I’ve put in the last few stitches on the binding tonight; just in the nick of time!

You see, I have an old dark leather club-chair in my bedroom that was just begging for a little personality.  It couldn’t be to pretty or too plain.  It’s my husband’s “sit, watch TV and eat ice cream” chair; so keeping it less frilly was a must.  I decided to use Innocent Crush for the pluses and a linen border, with one little plus hand stitched with floss.  I paired it with some Momo Freebird in an eggplanty color for the binding to bring out some of the darker colors in the palette.  A buttoned closure was added in the back (my first time using my buttonholer {pat on the back}) and voila!  A new piece of (manly-ish) prettiness for my room.  It is a little more plump than I wanted, but I’m sure it will be squished down and perfectly comfy in no time.

I might not have done it perfectly, but it works.  I’m pretty darn proud of me.
(chalk another one up for learning something new)
Thanks Rachel, for inviting me to party along! 🙂
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