Boys are fun! So are their quilts!

I’m having a wonderful time putting together some quilts for my boys (will re-paint their room and other stuff too as long as I’m at it).  I haven’t made many quilts but I’m realizing some nearly make themselves while others feel like work.  This goes in the former category.  Since my wonderful Grandpa died 5 years ago I’ve had some of his shirts hanging in my closet waiting for me to do something with them.  Now I’m finally chopping them into pieces to be kept forever.
Each block has a square from a shirt in the center and I’ll add more around the outer edge when I get there.  I love them.  I love that I think of my grandpa when I look at them and they’ll remind me to take opportunities to tell my boys how lucky they are to be his great-grandchildren.

For my boys

I’m including lots of tool prints from the Be A Man collection since he was always fixing things and had a great set of tools.  I don’t think he ever threw anything away, he just fixed it and kept using it.  I want my boys to be useful like that and fortunately their dad has mad fixing skills so they are learning.  I love they way this is so boyish without being baby-ish.  I’ve managed to sneak in a few florals but they are so subdued that they fit right in (and there’s nothing wrong with boys appreciating flowers).

boys quilt close up

Anyway, here’s the finished concept (I’m planning for grey in the solid areas).  I’ll have the pdf pattern on my blog once I’ve finished and seen that this actually works (fingers crossed).  I’m going to cheat and use sheet’s for the backing like I did last time.

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