December Charity Challenge is Underway!

BJ and Jackie (our new charity/philanthropy chairs) have already been busy making bags and collecting beanie babies to donate to the Chandler Police Station!  These bags were given to the police who come into contact with children being placed outside of their home.  Sometimes these children in crisis have to suddenly pack a bag to go stay in a foster or temporary home and in the absence of a cute little sack like this they sometimes have to pack in a garbage bag.  PHXMQG wants these children to feel like they have a special bag (and buddy) that is theirs to help in some small way with the unheaval they are experiencing.  I am sure these first six bags are just the start and in addition to giving back to our community is another way to thank the great folks at the Chandler Police Department for letting us use their meeting room for our meetings.  (BJ also thanked them with a huge plate of cookies!).
If you haven’t had a chance to make any of these little drawstring bags (in various sizes and fabrics for kids of all ages) feel free to do so and bring in for BJ and Jackie to donate on our behalf. 

Here they are handing the bags over! has some great tutorials if you need one!

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