We will be making comfort bags or drawstring backpacks this year for the Chandler Police Station to give to children in crisis at our February Meeting on February 16th at 1 PM .  We will be meeting at Jona’s house in Gilbert.   If you need the address (it will be sent out to members in a newsletter) you can contact Jona or a board member.  

 We will be doing a demo at the meeting if you need help with how to sew these bags and we will post that to the blog after the meeting if you can’t make it but still want to know how and donate some bags.  

If you want to bring in any cotton, flannel or minky material, batting, Capri sun, colored pencils, little color books, or small stuffed animals, toys, shoestrings, etc, you will get a ticket for each item you bring or make and will receive prizes (Jona and Nancy already won this month for their donations).  Also, any minky, or flannel, etc is welcome too.

Please bring an extension cord or ironing board/iron if you have an extra one we can use–at least throw one in your car in case we need one if you can!

Charity Drawstring Bags Info is in a previous post if you want more information.  You can also contact BJ, Jacki or Angela for more information.

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