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A few meetings ago I asked if anyone wanted to be a guest blogger or if anyone had some tutorials or other things that PHXMGQ members might be interested in for the blog.  A few gals stepped up to the plate and so our first guest blogger is Ronni!  She wanted to post about Donice’s cool laser which we have talked about at a meeting or two, so she sent some information on to me.  
Did you ever try cutting your own English Paper Piecing templates like this?
Wouldn’t you like to have this many even cut hexagons?
Donice Reed cut these hexagons – with a laser!
When Donice said she had a laser in her basement, my first reaction was,
“Wait, you have a basement in Arizona?”
Next I expected to find Donice wearing steam punk goggles and focusing a 9’ red laser to cut hexagons on the wall of her basement.
Surprisingly, Donice’s laser machine is not as big and scary as you would imagine, although it does require careful exhaust/cooling.
The laser is red, but it is smaller than a pencil point. And Donice really does focus the laser, but only for depth of cut.  Click on the link to see the Laser Video and see how it works.  
Donice and her laser can cut any design you can load to a computer file, on any material up to 4” thick:
stencil Mylar
fusible stabilizer (yeah, think about it….)
and of course, fabric.
Look how tiny these appliqués are cut!
Amazing detail!
Who knew a laser could be so useful for quilting? That’s very modern quilting indeed, Donice.
Contact Donice Reed, Lilac Mountain Designs 602/321-0432

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