In Case You Want to Help Out…

I like to donated blocks, tops or completed quilted quilts to Quilts of Valor and to Downey Quiltz for Kids.  Occasionally other needs come up that I feel compelled to help out with as well.  

So if any of you are looking for ways to help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy, (as I am) Erin over at My Patchwork Life is accepting disappearing nine patch block donations.  She plans to sew them up. get them quilted and send them on. for the specific post with a tutorial on how to make these fun and easy blocks.  I plan to make some tomorrow.  If any of you want to make a block or two to add to my box, I will happily pay shipping to get these blocks to Erin–you just have to get them to me.

I also saw that Bonnie Hunter posted about Carrie who is taking donations of completed Quilts for Kids for those affected.

I have also heard about which is a challenge to get 5000 quilts donated.

I am sure there are many other good places we can donate money, or our time piecing and quilting for those who have lost much more than I can even imagine.  I figure a few hours of my time will be well spent supporting this cause.


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