Modern Quilt Backs :)

When I first started quilting I just put one fabric on my quilt backs–often purchased just for that purpose.  Later on I started using what I had on hand for my quilt backs which sometimes meant having more than one fabric on the back but with no real plan.  Eventually as Bonnie Hunter’s number one fan (seriously!) I saw that she often peices her backs from leftover blocks, orphan blocks or even just different large squares of fabric which really gives her quilts a more dynamic feel and makes them usuable on both sides! 
Photos from Bonnie K. Hunter:
Like I said I eventually progressed into more exciting backs like this one for my “Outside the Box” quilt # 3:
I gave it as a wedding gift to my cousin and his wife and would you believe they liked this side better than the other side?  I couldn’t believe it (the other side is really cool honest!).  That got me to thinking I really need to stop thinking of the back as an afterthought!
Have you ever thought about making your quilt backs more exciting?  Modern quilters often have cool and funky backs that are really inspiring and I have seen some in our own group.  Here are some pictures of backs I have seen at our meetings–some of which I love more than the fronts (and the fronts are cool!):
Chelsa’s quilt back

Kirstin’s Quilt Back
Nancy’s Quilt Back
Alyssa’s Quilt Back

I recently enrolled in the Craftsy Creative Quiltbacks Class for free (taught by Elizabeth Hartman)  and I am looking forward to seeing more ideas for quilt backs!  If you need more specifics on how to make a quilt back check out this Tutorial from Jaybird Quilts.  Here is another cool backing and the process Lee went through in making the backing for her SuperNova quilt at Freshly Pieced
There is also a cool Quilt Backs Saturday Series on the Minneapolis MQG‘s blog.  Pink Chalk Studio and Weeks Ringle of FunQuilts also weigh in on beautiful backsides!
PHXMQG Members–feel free to email me your favorite backing that you have made and we can post a little backside parade on the blog! 

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