For the past few months we have added about a half of dozen new members to our growing group.  We welcome you all!  That got me to thinking that you newbies must be tired of wearing the sticker name tags and maybe want one of your own!  Not long after we got organized we had a meeting in which we all made the name tag of our choice so we would have one to wear at every meeting.  We added ideas to our Pinterest board and some of our members created tutorials of their own ideas.  

Here is Alyssa’s from Pile O’ Fabric‘s tutorial which is the one I made-pictured above though modified from the original pattern. 
Here is Lisa’s from The Scrapbucket Quilter‘s tutorial.  You are welcome to make one of these, or make one of your own design or from some other source if you prefer.  And for those of you who may not have gotten around to making a name tag the first go round, maybe this post reminds you to have some fun and make one!
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