Quilt Happenings

Well, since I’ve never posted any of my stuff here before, I thought I’d go ahead and start with a couple of quilts. First, my favorite of ALL TIME:

This one was made using charms from the Tufted Tweets line by Laurie Wisbrun.  I included a white center square and embroidered some of my favorite chairs from history (I studied Interior Design in college).  It took a while, but I absolutely love the end result
Next, I used Kirsten’s pattern and made this Toss Up quilt. 
 It was my first time using a conglomeration of different prints, patterns, and colors and I really like the end result.  This pattern was really easy too.  Which of course I liked a lot!
I just finished this one up, following the Twin Fibers Modern Times quilt-along.  It had in-set seams so I got to learn a new piecing skill. 
There’s a few, for starters! I’m always working on something, though.
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