August 2016 Great Phoenix Modern Quilting Bee

Get ready for Season 1 of The Great Phoenix Modern Quilting Bee!

*September 17, 2016 @ PHXMQG Meeting*


Quilters will be challenged to take a *boring* traditional quilt block and alter it to make it MODERN! Using modern fabrics, or by re-envisioning the block altogether – come challenge yourself to make it modern!

  • Basic block pattern will be announced on the PHXMQG website on Sept 10th
  • Quilters have 1 week to plan their fabrics and/or refashion their pattern
  • Pattern must have at least 1 of the original block’s elements
    **Tag your prep with #TGPMQB2016 to psych out your competition!**
  • Quilters will have 21⁄2 hours to complete construction of their block into a “mini-mini” • Cutting preparations are the only element that may be completed in advance
  • Mini-Mini’s will be displayed and voted on by the guild via ballot after the competition (you may not vote for yourself) and winner will be crowned the Top Modern Quilting Queen and will be lavished with praise, social media recognition, and fabulous PRIZES!
  •  See flyer here!
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