2017 Board Elections: November Meeting

Hello All!  Elections for your 2017 PHXMQG Board will be at our November meeting!


We want you!  Yes you!  To participate in the PHXMQG board for 2017.  The following is a  brief description of each of the positions.  If you are interested in volunteering for any of the positions, please contact Holly at [email protected].

PRESIDENT: Oversee PHXMQG Board,  Liaison with MQG, Run monthly meetings, Find locations for guild to meet, Coordinate the retreat.

VICE PRESIDENT: Door prizes/Sponsors, committee chair coordination

TREASURER: Dues, Money management, Membership

SECRETARY: Meeting Minutes, IG Account, Facebook Account, IT


  • Quilt Along Chair (currently vacant): Organize a quilt along for members to participate in.
  • Hospitality / Snack Chair: Organize snacks for each meeting (assign/have people sign up) to provide refreshments and also welcome new members.  Also, this person manages the treasure box (box that has scraps, patterns or other quilt related items that members no longer need, but want to pass along to another quilter)
  • Workshop Chair: Organize 2-3 workshops for the year.  This could include bringing in an outside instructor, or asking a guild member to show/share a technique or tutorial.
  • Swap Chair: Organize a swap once per quarter.
  • Show & Tell Chair: Help run Show & Tell each month
  • Block of the Month Chair: Organize a block of the month for members to try a new block or technique
  • Quilting Bee Chair: Organize quilt bees and assist in managing bees
  • Charity Chair: Help provide opportunities for the guild to do charity.  For example: through a block raffle that includes each person making two blocks and then walking away with half for their own and then the other half to be made into a quilt to be donated.
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