September 2017 Great PHX Modern Quilting Bee – Season 2

The Great Phoenix Modern Quilting Bee, Season 2 – The Ohio Star

Join us next Saturday, September 16th, 1:00pm at the Mulqueens Clubhouse for the sew-off of the season!  After the business portion of the meeting, the gloves come off and the competition is on.  The challenge is to take this traditional quilt block and to transform it into something modern. Your finished mini-mini must preserve one element of the original block.

The Rules:

  • You have one week to think up your master plan, you can even practice and post intimidating photos to IG to scare the competition
  • You may CUT your pieces ahead of time, but nothing else. No sewing, no pressing, no making binding, no glue basting, etc.
  • You will have two and a half hours to complete a mini-mini – defined as a 12″x12″ or larger finished size, quilted and bound piece of amazing modern quilting
  • You must preserve one element of the original block (the picture’s colors don’t count, but they are pretty!)

The Pudding:

  • Mini-minis will be displayed, our favorites voted for (you cannot vote for your own) and the winner takes all, including but not limited to: bragging rights, queen sewing bee status, Instagram fame, oh, and some awesome prizes.


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