We had a very nice holiday party this year!  Everyone got an awesome PHXMQG button (donated by Becca!) and a few of us won prizes too.  We had food aplenty and show and tell too!

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We had lots of participants in our annual fabric swap!  Here are some pictures of both the low volume swap and the print swap.

2013-12-21 13.37.162013-12-21 13.37.20 And here are some of the piles people took home in exchange for what they brought.

2013-12-21 12.21.272013-12-21 12.21.30 2013-12-21 12.25.31

Everyone that wanted one got a little trial pack from Paper Pieces and some even made the little 3/4 inch hexies into a flower.

2013-12-21 13.25.32 This is a picture of our new board for 2014.  We are so excited to see where these ladies lead us!

President: Samantha Linehan
Vice President: Michelle Hart
Treasurer: Alissa Clark
Secretary: Becca Whaling

2013-12-21 13.27.302013-12-21 13.28.362013-12-21 13.28.592013-12-21 13.29.172013-12-21 13.29.372013-12-21 13.30.472013-12-21 13.33.352013-12-21 13.34.342013-12-21 13.35.332013-12-21 13.42.462013-12-21 13.47.492013-12-21 13.49.582013-12-21 13.54.28Show and tell was inspiring as always!

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