In Case you Missed the July 2012 Meeting!

In case you missed our July meeting here are some of us at Jona’s.  We had about 15 people come and lots of new faces were there!  We decided that we will collect dues in August $25.00 per year.  From now on people may visit us once before we ask that they pay to join.  Our next meeting is Saturday, August 18th at 1:15 PM at the Downtown Chandler Police Station, 250 East Chicago St Chandler, AZ 85225.  At this point we plan to have the September meeting there too–at 1PM.  
At our meeting Tiffany said we had 18 responses to our online survey–lots of us are interested in learning more about free motion quilting using a domestic machine, block swaps and bees, a quiltalong and best of all a RETREAT!  We discussed some possibilities of going up north for a retreat…we want to find a place that is more resort than campground with delicious food we don’t have to cook and lots of time for sewing and getting to know each other.  Another great idea is that we want to get going on some charity stuff.  One thing several people were interested in is Phoenix Quilts (for more information on the project) which is geared toward those in our area and the nearby states that have been affected by the
recent fires.  We hope to get some sewing days lined up to get going on this.  Nedra and Chelsa both offered to donate supplies in the form of a quilt kit to get us started!
We also discussed QuiltCon which is Feb. 21-24th for more information.  Some of us are planning to go and room together (talk to Jill!) and we need to decide if we will be a sponsor for the event as well.  If you are thinking about going come to the next meeting and half firm up the plans. At least three people were planning on going as of the meeting.
We discussed Jona’s book which will be coming out in March.  The gals were lining up to be among the first to review it.  I didn’t get the whole title written out but it has 18 (+1 pregnancy) A line skirts in it.
We all threw our name in the hat and had a drawing (thanks Alyssa) with some thread donated by Aurifil.  Danny announced that her name was to be picked and it was!  She was very excited to win and said “this thread will change your life” and opened it up so we all could feel it and ooh and aah!  Apparently it comes in lots of colors and sizes and it is not to be beat!  Three Dudes and Quilter’s Oasis carry the thread if you are looking for it.  Other stores may too, but these were the ones I heard people passing on info about.

We talked about getting a list of longarmers we love somewhere for those of us who are looking for them.  I use Ros Atwood myself most of the time.  Who do you use?  Comment here or email us the info and we can get a list going.  
We then enjoyed a fabulous show and tell!  The pictures have been uploaded on my facebook and will find their way to my blog too.  Feel free to leave me a comment about what you want me to post here on the blog.  Also, I never get pictures of what I show and sometimes so so pics of others, so if you have good pictures feel free to share them!  
Pic borrowed from
Another discussion was about Alyssa’s Totally Groovy Quiltalong at Pile of Fabric for more info.  I was thinking this might be hard but Alyssa assured us that it is doable and there will be LOTS of support and prizes along the way.  
We had great food at the meeting and recipes have already been shared (thanks Nedra!).  Thanks again to Jona for hosting us at her house again this month!  
See you at the next meeting!
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