June 2013 Swap!

Hello fellow Quiltresses!
I’m excited to meet this Saturday at ETC! 
It’s such a fun shop with great ideas and inspriation!
I’m also excited because meeting here may inspire you for our June swap…
We’re going do to a ‘Favorite Things’ swap!
If you’ve ever been to a favorite things party, they are rather fun to see what other people love!
And, to share what you value, hoard or use on a daily basis!
So, here are some ideas:
a yard of your favorite fabric… or some fat quarters of the new, cutest fabric line you’ve been excited about… (good thing we’ll be at ETC) or your fav kona solid…
your favorite quilting tool… i.e. favorite blade, cutter, binding clips, shape cutter etc…
your favorite quilting book,
a spool of your favorite Aurofil thread…
or, your favorite thing you’ve been mass producing lately…
For me, it’s cute banners/pennants! 
if you’re into triangles and making cute triangle pillows for friends – bring one to share!
Girls, this is wide open! 
You can bring something you have, like pull a quilt book off your shelf you love but have read and used and would swap!  (or one you bought and didn’t love… someone else might! ha)
You can bring something used, like a tool you had to buy for one project that you don’t think you’ll use again anytime soon!
I’m want to keep this wide open giving a wide range of what your ‘favorite things’ may be…
So, think of something fun and quilty that you can tell us about why you love it!
Then, we’ll put it in the middle and draw them out white elephant style.
Please bring an item from $10-15 for our June meeting!
Get your thinking caps on and soon, you’ll be getting your swap on!
Any questions, email me, Chelsa, [email protected]
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