PHXMQG goes to the 2019 AQG Show!

At this year’s Arizona Quilters Guild Show, our guild will be featured in a special exhibit. We are extremely honored to be featured and are excited to share the variety of skills and styles shared by the members of the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild. All current members of the PhxMQG are invited to submit one, or more, quilts for consideration as part of this special exhibit. This exhibit is display only and will not be part of the judged show. Space for this special exhibit is limited and while we would love for each and every member to be represented, selections will be based on space available. The AQG Show is located at the Mesa Convention Center.

We have two fun and exciting themes to help you decide which quilts you’d like to submit! 

“All are Welcome!”


The PhxMQG has always been a great place for all levels of quilters to learn and be encouraged to share their work and art. Let’s show off how special each of you are! Submit a favorite quilt that you’ve made in the modern quilting style. 


Mini Quilts


Submit a mini quilt that you’ve made as part of our annual Great Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild Bee or our Mini Quilt Swaps. These events have truly brought us together as a community of friends and quilters over the years. Let’s bring these amazing quilts back together one more time!


Quilt Submission Details: Submissions are due by February 6, 2019


Please limit your quilt submission to no larger than 80″ as the longest measurement for the “All are Welcome” theme. Quilts can be any shape. Mini quilts should be within the parameters of the Great Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild Bee or the Mini Quilt Swap descriptions. 


All submissions will be reviewed and chosen by the PhxMQG Executive Board for display in the AQG special exhibit. 


The size of our exhibit is our only limiting factor and we will work as hard as possible to include as many quilts as the space will allow.Each quilt must include a sleeve for hanging. Here’s a wonderful tutorial by the American Quilter’s Society (AQS): HERE:


Important Dates:

  • February 6 – Quilt submissions are due
  • February 8 – Notification of selections for the exhibit will be sent out
  • February 16 – Selected quilts must be submitted to AQG by the quilter (further info will be sent out with selection emails)
  • March 17 – Quilts to be dropped off at the AQG Show site by the quilter
  • March 21-23 – AQG Quilt Show at the Mesa Convention Center
  • March 23 – Quilt pick up following the close of the show This exhibit is going to be outstanding!! Thank you for being a part of it all.
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