May 2015: QuiltCon 2016 Michael Miller Glitz Fabric Challenge Announced

From MQG:

This year’s fabrics include 12 black, white, silver and gold prints from Michael Miller, and each fabric challenge participant will receive six fat eighths at random. Like previous fabric challenges, we have many more members than available fabric bundles… We wish everyone could get one, but the bundles are first come, first serve. We ask that everyone who signs up for a bundle please plan to submit the final quilt to the Fabric Challenge category at QuiltCon. Just like other categories, this category is eligible for judging and awards!

The fabric challenge registration link will be sent to members via email onSaturday, May 9th at 10 a.m. Eastern time, 7 a.m. Pacific. (To make things easy, here’s a handy time zone converter.) Members will again sign up individually for the challenge, so make sure your members are ready! Registration is open until all fabric bundles are gone or until May 23. All fabric will be shipped by mid-July, and the deadline for entries is November 30, 2015 (the same as other QuiltCon quilt show entries). For more info, visit the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge page at

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