August 2013 Where to Find Us

We have so many ways to connect with today’s technology.  If you haven’t visited us in all these places yet be sure to check them out!

The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild blog acts as the official face of the group to the public. It is the place where we share tons of information about what our group is planning or has done at meetings, sew ins and other events.  We include information about our members, sites we like and inspiration to get you sewing and quilting!  Our blog posts are automatically emailed to our members,  but be sure to occasionally click on links and go to the blog and see the various pages and links to our members blogs, etc.

If you are interested in sharing a picture or post on the blog (your quilting related business, inspiration for modern quilting, sewing tips, techniques, tutorials, or some other news) please email [email protected] with the info and we will get it posted for you!  If you want to be a spotlighted member just cut and paste the questions from the blog, answer them, add some pictures and email Angela so others can get to know you.

The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild’s facebook page is another place we connect.  We post pictures and members often post things they want to share there.  Feel free to make it ours by posting about whatever quilty thing you are interested in!  Check our page for challenges, charity, inspiration and other things to motivate you.  You are free to post on the page at any time!

The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild’s Pinterest Page, has boards with inspiration and ideas that you may want to follow too.

The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild’s Flickr page is a group pool where we share photos with our members and the public. Sometimes people post questions or things others might be interested in on the page and conversations get started there too.  Feel free to upload and share photos of your modern quilting projects with us at the Flickr Group Pool.


PS I haven’t learned how to embed links with our new platform yet!


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