Nominations Please

We are currently accepting nominations for President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary/Historian.  Please nominate yourself or someone else by emailing Tiffany at [email protected] by November 1, 2013.  We will be creating a ballot from the nominations and anonymous voting will take place by those members present at the November meeting.  Please consider stepping up and leading us into the next year.  Below is information taken from our By-laws about what each position’s responsibilities are.  You are also welcome to contact each of us to ask us what we do and get more information.  THANK YOU!


PHXMQG Executive Board Officers and Responsibilities


  • · The Executive Board shall have a President and Vice-President or two Co-Presidents, Secretary/Historian, and Treasurer/Membership Coordinator.
  • · They shall be elected by the membership at the November Annual Election and Organizational Meeting and shall constitute the Executive Board of PHXMQG. Newly elected officers shall assume their duties January 1st of the following year and remain in office until their successors take office.
  • · They are responsible to review these by-laws in January at their first quarterly meeting every year.

 President (and/or Co-Presidents)

  • · Organizes and leads all monthly, annual and special meetings, chairs the executive board and attends other committee meetings as needed as an ex officio member and performs other duties as required.
  • · Responsible for maintaining communication and correspondence including email and is the official spokesperson of the PHXMQG.
  • · Creates and dissolves all Committees and appoints all Committee Chairpersons as determined by the PHXMQG Executive Board.

 Vice-President (and/or Co-Presidents)

  • · Serves as assistant to the President in all matters.
  • · In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside over monthly, annual, and special meetings.
  • · Serves as Parliamentarian with responsibility to see that the rules set forth in the by-laws are followed.
  • · Leads the annual review of the by-laws at the January Quarterly Board Meeting.
  • · The Vice President position will be left open in the event that there are two acting Co-

 Treasurer/Membership Coordinator

  • · Receives and banks the PHXMQG’s funds, collects yearly dues, responds to all membership requests in person, maintains the membership roster and does the book-keeping.
  • · Disperses funds as authorized and maintains records of all funds. An additional signature from the President or Vice-President/Co-president is required on all checks. Expenses totaling 10% above the budgeted amount will need to be approved by the Executive Board.
  • · Prepares the books for audit no later than January 31st of the next year. Provides the books to the PHXMQG President, who will in turn work with the rest of the PHXMQG Executive Board to approve.
  • · Presides over meetings in the absence of the President and Vice-President.
  • · Ensures that members’ dues are current.
  • · Collects extra fees for workshops or seminars and maintains a list of those who have paid for the event.
  • · Keeps track of guests and ensures guests attend only once before becoming paid members.
  • · Removes expired members when membership has expired and not been renewed.
  • · Provides a brief financial report at each monthly meeting or on an as-needed basis. All expenses must be submitted to the Treasurer/Membership Coordinator.
  • · Provides bank statement and quarterly report at each quarterly board meeting to be reviewed by entire board.


  • · The Secretary/Historian shall keep minutes of all meetings (monthly, quarterly board, and annual) and executive board meetings of the PHXMQG and shall maintain permanent records of all meetings.
  • · Responsible to see that monthly, annual and board meeting minutes are posted on the PHXMQG website within 7 days.
  • · Shall take care of the general correspondence.
  • · Assists web administrator with any large scale correspondence, keeping track of e-vites for special events, managing RSVPs, etc.
  • · Responsible for taking pictures at PHXMQG meetings & events and for uploading pictures and updating the PHXMQG Blog within 7 days.
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