August 2024 Fabric Wrapped Bowls Supply List

Fabric:   Cut ¾” or 1” wide strips – lots of them.  At least One Fat Quarter.
Choice:  It’s all yours.  If you want scrappy, grab your bin.  If you want a more coordinated look, curate your strips as you would when making a quilt.  Color coordinate, (batik or standard quilting), or even accent unwrapped cording with small scraps.  Plan or don’t plan.  The choice is yours.
Lengths:    WOF (Width of Fabric) Strips work best but if you have shorter strips and are working scrappy, it’s easier with longer strips.  Make them at least 12”.
Solid or variegated colors to compliment or contrast with your fabric choice. If you choose a thread color to compliment your fabric, the fabric will be the focus. If you choose a contrasting color, the thread may become the focus.  I like to use machine quilting thread, but any good quality thread will work fine.  The bobbin thread will be seen on the outside of the bowl.  Wind 2-3 bobbins prior to class.
These bowls are like potato chips – you can’t make just one!
  • Sewing machine - will need zig-zag stitch

  • Sewing thread

  • Machine needles

    Size 90/14 – 100/16 or Top Stitch. Bring several just in case.

  • Cotton clothesline

    PHXMQG will supply this! 100ft package. No nylon, plastic or metal core. Ace Hardware sells an easily accessible type.

  • Spring clothes pins

    Binding or WonderClips will also be suitable

  • Rotary cutter & mat

  • Glue stick

    Prym Aqua Marker or Sewline Glue Pen

  • General sewing supplies

    Scissors, seam ripper, etc

  • Cutting mat

  • Rotary cutter

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