How Does Block Lotto Work?

For those new to PhxMQG Block Lotto, the raffle is simple.

  • You will find the directions on the website labeled by month. Go to the PhxMQG website and use the drop-downmenu (the 3 “hot dogs” that are usually in the upper right corner) and then click on “+ Current Projects”. Click “2022 Block Lotto” and then scroll down to find the picture of the block labeled by the month and name. You will want the directions for the month of the next upcoming business meeting. Prior to the second Saturday in January, you will want the January Directions, February prior to the second Saturday in February, and so on. Then click on “Click for Directions” or the photo itself. You will go to a PDF file that you can either read on your electronic device (recommended) or print. There will usually be a link to a website with a free tutorial for making the block. Occasionally, the PDF will contain the tutorial itself. The PDF will also contain information about what fabrics to useand the size to make the quilt block. But even if you don’t win or it’s a different month, you can always make some blocks for yourself. You will find past Block Lotto directions under “+ Past Projects”. The directions will suggest layout(s) for the blocks and some ways to vary the block. If you have trouble negotiating the website, you can always email Patti ([email protected]) for the PDF of directions.

When you make a block (or more):

  • You can either bring the block(s) to the business meeting or email a photo to Patti Kupferer ([email protected]) by Friday midnight (really Saturday morning by 6:00 am as a couple members know) before the business meeting. For each block you make, you will receive one chance to win the all the blocks entered. If you make more than 1 block, you will receive one chance for each block. Should you really like the block, you can make them in multiples of five and receive an extra chance (6 chances per five blocks). Then you’ll want to find out who won. If you win, you’ll need to share your address so that virtual attendees can mailtheir blocks to you. It’s that simple.
  • Making lotto blocks is a terrific way to meet people and expand your skill set without the hassle of making a whole quilt. Winners are known to use their lotto blocks to make placemats, tote bags, and other small projects as last-minute gifts as well as quilts. So, block lotto is just that simple.
  • Questions? Contact Patti

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