Charity Challenge for Kids’ Drawstring Backpacks

From Jacki and BJ–our Charity Chairs:
Police are often on the scene when children are picked up and taken to a safer facility.  How scary would it be to be taken from accident scenes, from unsafe homes, from the street….   without anything familiar to give them comfort?   Sometimes, all they have are the clothes on their backs. 
One of our charity projects is to provide Comfort Bags for the police to carry in their cars.  Our goal is for these bags to be given to these children to provide something to which they can attach:  something to hold, something to take their mind away from what is going on around them, something they can claim as theirs, and something to hold any meager belongings they may have with them. In these bags, we hope to provide, above all, just a little COMFORT for these children.   
And since charity truly does begin at home, look around for fabric to make a drawstring backpack bag or two and/or any items to put into a bag.  We need bags and any type of item you feel might be appropriate to place in a bag….  However, for the convenience of the police officer, please do not choose items that are extremely gender specific and/or fragile.
·         Something to hug: stuffed animals, small pillows or blankets made of something cozy, etc.
·         Something to do: small toys, a couple colored pencils and small paper pads, etc.
·         Something to eat (consider climate, possible crushing, and spoilage): Capri Sun juice packs, etc.
One or several drawstring backpack bags or items can be contributed to this really awesome cause. Bags and items are needed for all age groups and we are happy to group any items donated into age appropriate bags.  Remember: You do not need to worry about filling any bags you make; we will ensure the bags are evenly filled before they are presented to the police department.  
And to thank you for assisting with this much-needed project, you will be given a ticket for each item you contribute for Comfort Bags to be entered into a drawing that will be held at each meeting.
There is no predetermined size for the drawstring backpack bags; however, a finished size no less than approximately 12” x 16” would allow room for items we wish to include and items the child may need to put in the bag…. And of course, older children may need larger bags for jackets, etc.  Here are a few links to bag patterns:
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