Thank you to everyone who came out to the embroidery workshop last weekend at Scrapbooks Etc. I had a great time and learned a ton!

As promised, this is a follow-up post to give you some guidelines for completing your elephant embroidery and links to tutorials for the stitches covered in class.

First, here is a link to a PDF of the elephant design. I have pointed out the recurring patterns and listed the stitches I used on each one. As I mentioned in class, feel free to use any stitches you want. I had a few requests to show which I used. This tool is for you should you want it.

Second, here is a link to my Embroidery Pinterest board. This is my personal board, not a Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild board, but please feel free to follow. I like to collect images that inspire me and I am more than happy to share my inspiration with others!

Here is a link to my original blog post with lots of pictures of my original elephant embroidery project.

Here are links to a few other inspirational websites/blogs relating to needlework:

Wild Olive
Sublime Stitching
The Floss BoxFeeling Stitchy
Flickr Group: Embroidery

And now, what most of you wanted from this post, a list of stitches with links to online tutorials:

Back Stitch
Running Stitch
Split Stitch
Chain Stitch
Lazy Daisy
Satin Stitch
Stem Stitch
French Knot
For more stitches, I love this site and their pictorial dictionary of embroidery stitches.

If you have any questions regarding this workshop or embroidery in general, please feel free to contact me at danny{dot}heyen{at}gmail{dot}com.


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