Skillbuilder BOM Takes Off!

 We shared our first Skillbuilder BOM blocks at today’s meeting too.  Limbania passed out some cool cards for us to mark off each month.  We also decided that you can get your cards marked whenever you finish a block, so if you didn’t get yours done or get to the meeting you can still get your card marked for the year long prize drawing.  Alyssa is planning to come up with monthly prizes to help give us incentive for getting our blocks done each month.  To be considered done the block just has to be don’t have to do the quilting on the blocks each month since some people plan to finish them differently.

 Rebecca even did the block for next month!

 Jacki has her blocks done, we all loved the bubble looking fabric.

 Love the little spot of red in this block too.

 Nancy used Denyse Schmidt fabric instead of solids and most all of us fell in love with her blocks!  She also worked ahead!

 Alyssa showed us her block for next month too 🙂  Head on over to PileO’Fabric (link in the sidebar) if you want the patterns for these blocks.

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