July 2018 Meeting Reminders

Since this is a brand new venue for all of us, we wanted to remind you of a few things as you pack your bags and get ready to sew with us tomorrow!

  • We are meeting in a church (Captain Obvious, here) – wihch means some of the little bits and baubles that are there when we meet in a sewing space won’t be there, like power strips, extension cords, ironing tables, cutting mats, etc. etc. Don’t be shy about packing your own, just in case!
  • The doors won’t be open until 9:30 (ish). We’ll do our best to be on time, but traffic happens, I’ve had to run back for a power cord or a pedal before, the kiddos need

something last minute, it’s life. There’s a Starbucks just across the street if you want to grab a pastry or some sewing juice while you wait!

  • PSA – make sure you pack your pedal and your power cord!
  • We need to wrap up at 3:45, and this means putting the space back in order for services tomorrow. The church has been kind enough to host us, and we need to return the favor and make sure it’s in a better state than how we found it. Plenty of hands will make quick work of this, I have no doubt, and we don’t want a few people to be stuck with cleaning up for the whole group, especially if we want to keep having activities like this!
  • On that same note, the church has been so gracious to let us use their space, we’re hoping this is the beginning of a long-term relationship! Please be patient with us as we experience this newness with you.I’m going to throw it out there right now that I don’t know what door to go in or where the bathrooms are, but that’s what sewing-spidey-senses are for!
  • Did you know Modern Quilting is right down the street? Hobby Lobby too! They’re both a great source if you need something small tomorrowor you could use the meeting as an excuse to explore and stop by, if this isn’t your usual neck of the woods!

Unfortunately we know some of you won’t be there tomorrow – we hope to see you again soon, and may your bobbin always be full!

P.S. Have you seen all of the lawn chairs blocks on Instagram?!! Holy banana pants batman, all the cuteness. Big money, big money, pick my number!

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