Update from 2018 New Member Orientation & Outreach

A special thanks to Erika and Kirsten for all of their hard work this year! Read on for a special update from them…


Erika D. here, with an update on New Member Orientation and Outreach. Kirsten N. and I share the duties; meeting, greeting, welcoming, answering, and educating.


The mission of our chair is to ensure you, our quilty kin, have everything you need to be a thriving, educated, and satisfied member of our guild. I personally love ensuring we have a massive amount of inclusion and participation.


Three things to keep doing:

  1. Use us as your questions department. We will find an answer for you. Hopefully you keep questions limited to the PHXMQG and quilting. If it isn’t about those two things, we will find out, and certainly help you “google it.”


  1. Use us as your suggestion box. We are happy to pass on your great ideas to our board members if you are too bashful. What should we do more of? They want to know. I’m also not shy and will tell the board about things you think we should stop doing.


  1. Use us to build our outreach department. Kirsten and I have each done one outreach so far. We visited a local chapter meeting, explained our opinion of “what is a modern quilt,” and did a small trunk show. 

Do you know of a guild chapter wanting to learn all about modern quilts? Let us know and we will see if we can speak at one of their meetings. 

Do you want to show off a few of your quilts, to an adoring group of folks? Give your opinion on what makes a quilt modern, versus traditional, versus contemporary? Come join us as we travel the Valley of the Sun and share our love of (modern) quilts! We have another outreach already set for January and are looking for more. 


I will see you at the July meeting.

Public Service Announcement: We are always looking for volunteers for chairs and next year’s board members. You can do it. I know you can!


Cheers and keep on quilting,


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