October 2012 Did you Know November is When We Plan Our Year?

Our next meeting is going to be really important!  We will be planning out what we want to do for the next year.  We want all of you to come, bring a friend (or two) and lots of ideas about what YOU want to do for our meetings over the next year.  I am brainstorming a list myself and so far I am thinking about what kinds of fun things we can do.  I plan to pick the ones I am most interested in and do some online research for good ideas, free modern block patterns, etc.  I hope everyone does the same so we will have tons of great ideas to choose from!  I spent just an hour or two google-ing Modern+some of the terms below and found all kinds of great things.  Bring printouts of things you like, pictures, etc. so we can make some solid decisions on November 17th!

So far this is my list:
Random swap, some guilds do one like this every month:
1)Make something that you would like to receive.
2) Put it in brown paper sack 3 )Bring it to the meeting, set it on the swap pile.
4) When it is your turn, pick, unwrap, and have great joy!

Modern Block of the Month Challenge (or Swap)
Granny Square Swap http://imagingermonkey.blogspot.com/2012/03/strip-piecing-granny-square-block.html
or a Wonky Log Cabin http://www.quiltdad.com/2009/09/quilt-along-3-wonky-log-cabin-block.html
or the Modified Bento Box Block tutorial is free online at Film in the Fridge.  What an interesting quilt it makes!

Picture borrowed from Film in the Fridge 

BLOCK LOTTOS-we can pick a certain block and everyone makes one or more and has as many chances to win as blocks they turn in.  Here are two example the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild did http://www.flickr.com/photos/lemonadebags/6947797596/

BEES-check out this “master list” and see if you can find a favorite http://www.quiltingbeeblocks.com/p/master-list.html 

WORKSHOPS-I would love to learn how to do improv piecing or letters.  I have a great book about this topic, but just haven’t tried it yet!

CHARITY-We are working on a quilt for Phoenix Quilts, do you think we should be doing charity for another organization?  Who?

SEW-INS-do we need more?

QUILTALONGS-I missed out on Pile O’ Fabric’s Groovy Quiltalong, but it would be fun if we found one to do as a group online or in person!

ROUND ROBINS- Check out what the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild did http://vintagemodernquilts.com/2012/07/31/dmqg-round-robin/

CHALLENGES-Ugly fabric Challenge (bring ugly fat quarter in a bag, challenge is to use it in a 12×12 block),  Make a block with a green square in it, etc.

SPEAKERS-who would you like to have come talk to us?  Do you know anyone willing to come speak to us for free?  What do you want to learn about?

These are just my brainstorm ideas–we want all of you to bring all of YOUR ideas so we can make the best and most popular ideas happen!  Come to our November meeting on the 17th at 1 PM at the Chandler Police Station.  Bring a friend!  We are going to be doing some serious fun planning!
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