Don’t forget about the August 2013 Zip Pouch Swap – Next Week!!

Happy Summer Sewers!

I’m so excited about the August swap!

Next week is a zip pouch swap!

I’ve made a pinterest board with tons of ideas for your reference!

(it’s under, my pinterest, Chelsa Knight, titled, zip pouch swap ideas)

So, here are the requirements –

You must make your zip pouch…

(no cheating and buying a plastic one from the $1 bin at Target (wink))

It needs to have 2 or more fabrics

at least one Zipper!

and at least 4″ x 4″

but, as we’re all creative…

It can be larger, wider, zippier, and as many fabrics as you want!

You can piece it, applique, quilt it, pad it, line it, go zip crazy, or anything imaginable!

There are many ideas on instagram!

I just saw some in the last week or 2 from these users:







Here are a couple I’ve made

narwhales narwhales2 leopard


Get crafting! So excited to see how different they will all be!

Let me know if you have any questions.




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