February 2013 Mug Rug Swap Pictures

 Today was the February meeting for the PHXMQG at Jona’s house.  We had quite a few participants for our mug rug swap!  Several of us did extra swaps on the side too.  (I now own four mug rugs, and I didn’t have any before :))

 Guess I should have rotated that picture but you get the idea!

 Here are the mug rug participants all gathered around waiting for their rugs!

 Chelsa led the swap and gave everyone a number and then Danny was our “randomizer” and pulled one out as the numbers were called.

 No one got their own the whole way through…until we got to the last person Kirsten!  She was happy to keep her own mug rug even though she had offers of trading…it was a tough decision, but her rug was randomly given back to her–so if she was happy, we were happy!
It was really fun to see all the different mug rugs and to have so many participants.  Our next swap will be in April and will be a pincushion.  No need to sign up–just show up in April with a pincushion and you can join the circle and get in on the fun!

Just for some pincushion eye candy–here are the ones from our December 2010 swap.  I can’t wait to see what people come up with for April!

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