Two of the PHXMQG ongoing activities involve sewing a different quilt block each month. However, each one is a bit different.


photo by Holly Gets Quilty

BOM is short for Block of the Month. This year rather than select an existing BOM (there are many available online to choose from each year) PHXMQG will be creating our own! BOM Committee Chair Ana has put together a team of members who will be presenting a different block each month that will finish to 12″ (some may be smaller and finish to 12″ with borders). Everyone is invited to create the block for themselves with their own fabrics. Often with a BOM people choose to make each block and at the end of the year assemble them into a sampler quilt but you are free to pick and choose which blocks you want to make (maybe you want a quilt, maybe you want to only do some blocks for pillows or bags). At each month’s meeting the block of the month will be presented and everyone is invited to show their completed block from the previous month. It is a great way to learn new skills and gain inspiration from seeing how others interpret the same block. We will be posting the information for each block of the month on our blog and in our MQG Community group.

Vitamin D Bee


Bees also include sewing a block each month and are a great way to gain new skills and inspiration. With the Bee though you sign up and commit at the beginning of the year. Each person in the Bee then gets to be the ‘Queen Bee’ for a month. At the meeting before your Queen Bee month you bring a kit for the other Bee members (the hive). The kit includes instructions and fabric to make a specific block. Each hive member then uses the kit to make the block and at the meeting in your Queen Bee month you receive the blocks to then use to create your own quilt. All of the guidelines for our Bee are posted on the blog in the Resources section. Signups filled up at the January meeting but if you have any questions you can email Brooke.

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